CDK13 7:39989636-40136733

Forward strand gene: cyclin dependent kinase 13

Formerly known as: CDC2L5

Also known as: ENSG00000065883, CHED, CDC2L, KIAA1791

Function: Cyclin-dependent kinase which displays CTD kinase activity and is required for RNA splicing. Has CTD kinase activity by hyperphosphorylating the C-terminal heptapeptide repeat domain (CTD) of the largest RNA polymerase II subunit RPB1, thereby acting as a key regulator of transcription elongation. Required for RNA splicing, probably by phosphorylating SRSF1/SF2. Required during hematopoiesis. In case of infection by HIV-1 virus, interacts with HIV-1 Tat protein acetylated at 'Lys-50' and 'Lys-51', thereby increasing HIV-1 mRNA splicing and promoting the production of the doubly spliced HIV-1 protein Nef. Source: UniProt

DECIPHER holds 33 sequence variants in this gene, in 33 open-access patients

Name RefSeq Location Size Type Protein Exons
CDK13-001 (ENST00000181839) NM_003718
147.10 kb canonical protein_coding 1512aa 14
CDK13-002 (ENST00000340829)
145.05 kb protein_coding 1452aa 14
CDK13-004 (ENST00000484589)
82.25 kb processed_transcript 9
CDK13-003 (ENST00000478563)
14.61 kb retained_intron 3
CDK13-007 (ENST00000465643)
3.29 kb retained_intron 2