AKAP9 7:91570181-91739987

Forward strand gene: A-kinase anchoring protein 9

Also known as: LQT11, PPP1R45, MU-RMS-40.16A, PRKA9, HYPERION, YOTIAO, CG-NAP, AKAP450, AKAP350, KIAA0803, ENSG00000127914

Function: Scaffolding protein that assembles several protein kinases and phosphatases on the centrosome and Golgi apparatus. Required to maintain the integrity of the Golgi apparatus (PubMed:10202149, PubMed:15047863). Required for microtubule nucleation at the cis-side of the Golgi … Source: UniProt

DECIPHER holds 1 sequence variants in this gene, in 1 open-access patients